Monday, February 23, 2009

A new addition to the hanger

Oxai Axiome designed by CPLR

Only 6 flights old but already signs this one is a keeper

The Rudder power is very impressive and aircraft appears to be very stable in windy conditions.

Monday, December 8, 2008


A run of the mill one day comp and we were blessed with 3 international judges, an international jury member and a world class flying site. Shame about the weather, Inward crosswind, Very Strong.
25 entries some new models and some impressive flying in all classes despite the winds.
Tze Law Chan - who did some very impressive flying with a borrowed model

Paul Marlan's beautiful Euphoria Biplane

The latest F3A machine from Oxai Australia - Judges complained it was hard to see!

Rocky enjoying the day

The Pres, holding back the tears as he reads out the final results...Always an emotional time!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nepean Comp

Quote of the Day

"The weather made things Complicated"
David Carkeek

A keen spectator

Foss taking it easy!
I probably should of been watching!!

Three not so wise men
Not such a happy landing!!

New Engine Mount

After trying a number of different engine mounts over the past 2 years dad and I have finally had a go at making our own.

The concept was basically adapted from the mount used by Suzuki at CAOCC. With a shock absorber similar to a YS mount. The outside isolation rubbers mounted to the 4 mm carbon base plate are 70 duro rubber (soft) with kevlar insertion. Where ours is different us the centre rubber is nolothene (as used in car suspension). The nolothenes rigidity stops the motor from moving forward under high rpm and allows a reliable low idle.
The shock is a Tamiya hop up part and I have used Losi 50 grade suspension oil.

Overall I'm very happy with this mount although it is only 10 flights old.